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Bohm Emporio 600
Bohm Emporio 600

The three-manual Böhm Emporio 600 is a truly magnificent instrument that marks the top of the range in modern electronic organs.

This organ is extraordinary in every detail from the beautiful solid wood case (available in a range of finishes) to the three high-quality keyboards.  The Emporio 600 boasts a first and unique feature of an electronic organ; the lower manual is a full 76-key piano keyboard with hammer mechanics.

On each of the three manuals, you can combine up to 8 instruments in separate keyboard zones.  This provides registration possibilities you will not find in any other organ.  The Böhm Emporio 600 delivers beyond expectation to even the most demanding players, for the interpretation of any kind of music regardless of whether your preference is modern popular music, pop, rock, or classical.

This organ is uncompromising and includes  velocity and aftertouch on all keyboards, multiple split points (even on the 30-note pedalboard), two programmable expression pedals with function buttons, four assignable foot-pistons, the EDS drawbar organ sound system, and the many other playing features, such as manual couplers, note hold, velocity switching, pitch and modulation controls, and of course, all the merits of the two-manual sister instrument, the Sinfonia 500.

You will be fascinated by the impressive realism of the sounds from 4 internal soundcards, each of which capable of 17-voice polyphony.  The unique AMADEUS sound system includes choirs, pianos, strings, horns, guitars, synths, organ registers, etc., from which can be built ensambles, orchestras or bands to your heart’s content, without restriction.

The Amadeus system compliments the unlimited polyphony EDS drawbar organ system to produce absolutely authentic to the typical sound of the traditional tonewheel organs.  All sounds are reproduced on the built-in Crystal Mixer SE, a studio quality mixer and preamplifier of extraordinary purity and clarity – and not just stereo, but for the first time in organ building, in real quadraphony (4 separate playback channels).

Each of the individual audio channels and DSP effects of Crystal Mixer SE, can be positioned not only in the left and right channel, but also between the front and rear playback channels – a fascinating first-class sound experience!

The Emporio 600 is available in the “Concert Edtition” without built-in speakers/amplifier which is prepared with four separate audio outputs for quadraphonic playback or, if desired, the “Home” edition comes complete with integrated high-end amplifiers (Bang & Olufsen) and a perfectly tailored, powerful and brilliant virtual surround system.

A whole range of sounds can be commanded simply by push-button, as our musicians have pre-programmed hundreds of ready-made sound compilations into the instrument.  Sensitively tuned and easily manageable, thousands of ready made sound presets are stored in the Emporio 600 ready to be recalled in a split second.  A maximum of two button presses is all it takes to select the desired global preset and experience the superior sound when playing on your super organ. Hundreds more are perfectly matched to many well known songs.

A feature rich auto-accompaniment system is also available to assist the novice player, or to expand the possibilities of the accomplished musician, drawing from hundreds of sounds and styles in the instrument.  Other styles can be created using the built in composer or can be imported and directly converted from many other manufacturer’s formats. Up to 1,024 Styles can be stored in the Emporio 600, permanently on standby ready for use.

Like all Böhm organs, the Emporio 600 is modular and expandable at any time via software or hardware upgrades.

Revel in the intoxicating world of sound which is the Emporio 600 – the king of instruments, the organ – the Böhm Emporio 600!

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